The Reason Why You Can Never Outsmart Slot Machines

We’ve all seen how slot machines or bingo work – a bunch of symbols or balls roll around until they land and reveal either a win or a loss. Many players feel though as if slot games are rigged or they could be outsmarted some way. The reasons why this is not possible lies in a little technology called RNG.

What is RNG?

RNG means Random Number Generator which already hints its purpose. RNG is essentially a complex algorithm that generates random numbers and sequences. Similar algorithms are used not only in online casinos but also in video games, password makers etc.

RNG’s job is simple: to make sure the same result never happens again or at least doesn’t happen very often. What’s remarkable is that the mechanism is working constantly, even when the game is not active. The reason for that is to avoid players from stumbling on any “patterns”. The mechanism simply keeps rolling 24/7, generating random sequences nonstop.

The actual “randomness” of RNG

Now when we say that RNG generates random numbers and sequences, that’s not one hundred percent accurate. Why so? Because RNG has certain limits of values it can produce. Some RNGs may be capable of producing millions of sequences at any given moment, so for the player, it indeed seems random and it’s impossible for the player to predict the next possible outcome, but in its essence, random number generator is limited and can’t produce an endless amount of results.

How does RNG affect your gambling experience?

Random number generators affect anything that’s happening in an online casino. Whether it’s roulette, slot machines or anything else – these are all based on RNG.
However, RNG doesn’t affect your gambling experience in any way. In most, what it does is that it helps you to understand the concept of luck-based games better. RNGs are responsible for making sure that the casino itself is not swindled. Even the casino’s staff couldn’t say how the games turn out since no one knows it.

When choosing an online casino, try to find some information about RNGs on their website. If the gambling site is proudly presenting information about the ways how their RNGs have been tested, you can be sure the site is more trustworthy than those who don’t showcase any such information. As you see, RNGs might help you make better gambling decisions.

Most Common Casino Myths

The word “casino” itself sparks a controversial argument as casinos have always been related to something “wrong” or shameful. Perhaps that’s why there are so many myths about casinos, even though there’s little to no truth behind those myths. Here are just a few of common casino myths that even you might have heard (or believed) before.

  1. Myth: Casinos pump more oxygen to the gaming floor as to confuse players and make them bet more
    Truth: pumping any chemical compounds to the casino floor is illegal and there are no casinos doing something like that.
  2. Myth: If the slot machine hasn’t brought a win for a long time, I can surely win with the next turn
    Truth: contrary to a common belief, there are no such things as hot or cold machines. Casino games work on the basis of random number generators and the winning or losing strikes are completely random.
  3. Myth: Land-based casinos control the roulette wheels with magnets
    Truth: many players believe the house is controlling the roulette wheels with magnets as to control where the ball lands and avoid big payouts. However, roulette machines are completely mechanical and the spin itself is so random that there’s no way a dealer could influence the outcome.
  4. Myth: Online casinos don’t pay out winnings
    Truth: playing online is very different but as long as you’re playing in a legitimate casino, there’s nothing you need to worry about. Licensed online casinos always pay out all your winnings.
  5. Myth: Online casinos are not as honest as land-based casinos
    Truth: somehow, people still don’t trust the internet world. But the truth is, playing in an online casino is as safe as playing in a land-based casino. Online casino games are run by random number generators and most online casinos are watched over by various high authorities, so there’s no reason for you to consider online casinos in any way less honest than land-based ones.
  6. Myth: Casino shows you “close enough” combinations on purpose
    Truth: as mentioned before, all online casino games function thanks to random number generators. You might feel like you are only seeing combinations that are almost winning and the machine is rigged that way, but the truth is: you are just paying more attention to combinations that get close to a win while you don’t pay that much attention to other random combinations. That’s why you might feel as if the machine is rigged.

All in all, playing in online casinos can be fun and entertaining. Don’t be fooled by myths as they are nothing but that – silly myths.

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Online Casinos

Riviera Casino Las Vegas

Though online casinos have become increasingly more popular, many fans of land-based casinos are still baffled by the opportunity to access some of their beloved casino games through the Internet. Even more, many casino games are now available via smartphones.

As online casinos are still somewhat “unknown territory”, we are answering 5 questions many casino-goers might have in their mind when it comes to gambling online.

Are online casinos safe?

Whenever you’re dealing with money and Internet, there’s always a certain risk since even the most reliable casinos can fall in the wrath of scammers and hackers. However, online casinos are, in fact, completely safe. Since the casinos handle transactions, their safety measures can be compared to the ones of online banking systems and therefore, the chance of a hacker getting to your money and your account is extremely low.

As always, you should protect your account with a strong password and of course, make sure you are playing in a legitimate, registered online casinos.

Is it hard to win money in an online casino?

Gambling, in its nature, is all about luck and it’s possible to win or lose. However, certain casino games are more favorable for those who want to use some strategies: for example, sports betting is known for being one of the most analytical gambling types.

When it comes to completely luck-based games like slots or lottery, there’s still a chance to win money. If you’re lucky, you can walk out with a nice cash load! So to answer the question – no, it’s not hard and it’s possible, but it’s all up to the chance.

Are casino bonuses worth using?

Most online casinos offer some sort of bonuses, whether those are welcome offers, free spins or something else. Bonuses enable the players to try casino games a bit more risk-free as players can gamble with bonus money, instead of risking with their own.

Bonuses are subject to various terms and conditions which might seem harsh but they’re there to protect the players and the casino alike. If you are given a bonus, feel free to use it as it gives you a great chance to learn what the casino is all about!

Are online casinos cheating their players?

As long as you’re opting for a legitimate casino that’s registered and has high-reputation, you needn’t worry about being swindled. Casinos always have a house edge – that’s completely normal since without the house edge, the casino wouldn’t earn anything and simply couldn’t provide you all of the games. House edge is not there to cheat players and all casino games run on random number generators which ensure safety and honesty of the games.

Are deposits and withdrawals safe?

Same as with previous answers: as long as you choose a trustworthy casino, your money is safe and you’ll receive your winnings as you could have hoped for. Before making a deposit, make sure the gambling site is legitimate and has great reviews online. If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry about your money!

4 Tips How to Legitimately Earn Money in Online Casinos

To be completely honest, there are two reasons why people usually decide to try their luck in casinos – to either entertain themselves and just relax or to earn money. It’s clear that the latter shouldn’t be your main goal and it’s rarely possible to continuously make money by gambling due to the house edge, not to even mention the possibility of developing a gambling addiction. To be perfectly clear, the goal of this post is not to strive anyone to take gambling as a means of making a living.

However, if you are looking for ways how to make odds turn to your favor a bit more, here are a few ways that might help you to do so.

Use casino bonuses

Casino bonuses are created with the aim to attract new players to the casino. Take it as a promotional offer: company is willing to give you a little something extra for your registration. Though bonuses tend to have rather strict requirements, they can be surprisingly advantageous for you, especially for boosting your bankroll. What’s great about bonuses is the fact that after you’ve fulfilled the requirements, you can just cash it out.

Play progressive slots

Slots base entirely on random number generation which means there’s noone who can ever tip the scales in their favor in any way. Forget the rumors you’ve heard – beating slots is simply not possible since there’s no way you can know the outcome of the random number generator.

However, playing progressive slots opens the possibility to land a 7-figure casino win. Though the chances of that happening are slim, it’s better to have slim chances, than no chances. There are hundreds of people who have won millions while playing progressive slots – the next winner could be you.

Choose a strategic game

True, casino games are always a gamble and luck always plays a big role. Despite of that, sports betting and poker are not so easily pursuaded by luck alone. In fact, both of these gambling types require a good amount of analyzing and strategical planning if you want to win some money.
This can be said especially about sports betting where the outcome of your bet depends largely on your capability to predict which sports team or competitor will win the game. To predict that, you often need good insights on both sides, their strengths and weaknesses as well as have an understanding of how the game works. With some analytical skills and knowledge you have a real chance of earning a lot more money in sports betting than in slots where you rely solely on chance.

Manage your risks cleverly

The biggest mistake you can ever make in a casino is to get greedy, overstep your budgetary boundaries and ignore all the risks. In order to win more money, you need to know how to balance your bankroll and keep risks lower. For example, if you seem to be on a high streak, don’t go overboard and keep raising your bets. Instead, know when to pull away so you could walk away with a nice sum. Also, don’t put all your eggs on one basket – don’t bet more than a few per cent of your bank roll at once.

If things seem to turn to the worse, the best way to go is to just keep away from the casino for a few days. If you play cleverly and responsibly, there’s a real chance you can earn money instead of losing it.

7 Tips for Playing in a Live Casino as a Beginner

Live casino is an innovation that has allowed online casinos to become so massively popular even among those who previously preferred land based casinos. The reason: the opportunity to still play against a live dealer without ever leaving your home. Thanks to HD broadcasts and wide variety of tables it’s no wonder why so many gamblers decide to give live casino a try. To make sure your experience goes smoothly, here are some great tips that will help you out when playing live casino games.

Choose a reputable online casino with reliable software

Glitchy software is single-handedly the biggest factor that could ruin live casino experience. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to filter out online casinos that are known for errors in their software. Before deciding where to try live casino games, do a brief search online to find out what other players have said about their experience with playing live casino games in that particular gambling site.

Make sure your internet connection is sturdy

Casino’s software isn’t the only technical aspect to keep in mind. In order for the communication with the dealer to work smoothly, you should have 3G or 4G internet connection.

Be prepared for the action

You might see the beautiful dealer via the screen but that’s where the difference between live casino and land based casino ends. The game play itself is exactly the same as in land based casinos – you get seated and the game will follow according to the dealer’s actions.

Play something you’re familiar with

If you’ve never played roulette, it’s better if you stay away from live roulette as well, at least until you’ve tried the game via demo versions. Playing in live casino itself is a very new experience, so don’t let your judgements be clouded by you not actually knowing the game you’re playing. Therefore, try live casino with a game you’ve already played or have at least some knowledge of.

Set a budget and stick to it

It’s very easy to lose yourself in the game, especially if the dealer is charming and friendly. However, to make the best out of your experience, set a strict budget and never step over that. This will help you to control your bankroll while making sure you won’t put yourself in a financially complicated situation.

Use bonuses

Since live casino games are very popular in every virtual casino, there are also various bonus offers you can grab. These tend to be deposit doubling bonuses or other variants of cash bonuses. However, it would be foolish to leave such opportunities unused, so make sure you use every bonus you can get. The more, the merrier!

Make sure the casino uses security measures

To ensure your first experience with playing in live casino is fruitful, you should watch out for any warning signs. Make sure the chosen casino uses security measures such as SSL encryption and other potential measures that keep your credit card info and personal details safe. You wouldn’t like to end your first live casino experience with getting your account hacked, would you?

Playing in a live casino is exciting in every way, but take a little ounce of vigilance before playing – this way you can safely enjoy the experience.

Are Mobile Casinos Right for You or Should You Stick to Desktop Version?

First there were computers that mesmerized the world. Then came laptops that blew people’s minds with the opportunity to carry their computer with them at all times. Nowadays though almost everything is shifting from laptop to your pocket via mobile sites. Online casinos are no different and within just a few years most casinos have been forced to make their way into smart phones. If you are a true casino enthusiast, you might have already encountered a few online casino apps or responsive versions, but if not, this article will give you a quick overview on the main pros and cons of gambling via your smartphone.

Advantages of mobile casinos

  • Casino games are available literally at any time and from anywhere. Whether you are waiting at the bus stop or standing in the grocery line, within a matter of seconds you can make a few dice rolls or spin a slot machine. This level of convenience can’t be compared to land based casinos that are either not as easily accessible or simply have strict dress codes and other requirements that might leave you in an uncomfortable situation.
  • Due to the popularity of mobile versions, many casinos have started to give out various bonuses that are meant exclusively for the mobile version. Surely one reason behind such generosity is to attract new users but if you are already an active player, such bonuses are only a good news.
  • Mobile apps and responsive versions are simply a lot faster than their desktop counterparts. Every element of the mobile casino is designed with the intention of providing stellar user experience, hence the apps tend to be more simple and less cluttered.

Disadvantages of mobile casinos

  • You are limited to your small screen. Even if you are playing via tablet, the screen is considerably smaller and might limit your gaming experience massively. Though it comes down to your personal preference, it might ruin the experience a bit and make it more troublesome to enjoy the same games you love when playing via desktop version. If you are handy with smartphone and not used to laptops so much, this of course will not be a trouble for you.
  • Game selection is rather limited. Not all games can be optimized for mobile and there’s nothing the casino can do as it’s up to the developer. If your favourite online casino provides hundreds of slots at their full version, then you might find only a hundred at the mobile version. Again, this might not be a huge obstacle but it’s something you should consider so you could avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Security might be an issue. Smartphones can be a little more vulnerable to malware than PC’s and when you add money to this mix, you’ll get a dangerously tempting outcome that might motivate hackers to attack mobile casino apps. This shouldn’t be an issue if you choose a well-known and respected casino that has developed their mobile version to near perfection.

As you see there are plenty of factors that you should consider. Think of it from your personal perspective and you’ll surely find the best platform for playing your favourite casino games.

Biggest Disadvantages of Casino Bonuses You Should Know About

One of the biggest reasons to choose one online casino over other is the choice of bonuses offered, especially for newly registered players. Free spins, cash bonuses, VIP bonuses – the greater is the competition, the more tempting the bonuses get. However, as casino bonuses are essentially free and just little tokens of appreciation that the casino is willing to hand out, you can imagine that such bonuses come with a myriad of terms and conditions.

Wagering requirement

Wagering requirement is the big bad wolf of casino bonuses. You may get a bonus but that doesn’t mean you can immediately cash it out and be on your merry way. To protect the casino from scam artists, they usually require that the bonus must be wagered in certain amount before it can be withdrawn. If wagering requirement is 10x and your bonus amount was 100 dollars, it means, you must wager at least 1000 dollars in the casino before you can transfer that 100 dollars to your cash account. The requirement is most commonly under 40x but very rarely under 10x.

Time restrictions

No bonus can last forever – they all have certain due dates. The bonus is up for grabs usually at least 7 days, seldomly more than 30 days. That means you have limited time to fulfill the wagering requirement and make the bonus available for withdrawal. If you don’t succeed, you’ll simply lose the received bonus after the due date.

Payout restrictions

Not all bonuses require a deposit – there are plenty of no deposit bonuses that can be used to try out certain casino games without risking with your own money. However, as these bonuses are the most tempting for scammers, it’s clear that the bonus will not be handed out so easily.

The greatest restriction that applies limits the amount you can withdraw without making a deposit. That means, if you win 5000 dollars with your no deposit free spins, but the casino has limited withdrawals without deposit to 500 dollars, you can withdraw 500 dollars, but will need to give up 4500 dollars. As harsh as it may sound, such requirement is necessary to protect the integrity of the gambling site.

Registration requirements

Beyond everything else, there might be some specific requirements that limit who can register and claim bonuses. Not all bonuses apply to all countries, so before registering you should figure out if any restrictions apply to you. If you wish to claim a deposit bonus, make sure you deposit at least the minimum amount required in bonus terms, otherwise you might not be eligible for the tempting offer.

Even if the terms might seem harsh, think of it this way – you will get free money for nothing more than signing up. Such terms are there for a reason, that reason being to protect the casino from players who are up to no good. Strict requirements ensure that the casino can offer great games and functionality to only those who truly value it. Next time you see bonus terms that seem too harsh at first glance, try to think of it from this perspective. In the end, you will still get something for just a small effort!

Advantages of Playing Online Slots

When leaving traditional table games aside, slots are largely the symbols of casinos. Even more, when you ask someone to think of the first random casino game, most people think of shiny slot machines. That phenomenon didn’t happen overnight. In fact, there are number of reasons why people have grown so fond of slots, especially online slots. Here we will explore some of the greatest advantages of playing online slots but we can assure you there are plenty more advantages that didn’t make it to this list.

Variety of games

Even if you haven’t been very fond of the idea of trying slot games, there’s no denying that there’s no other casino game type that has such a huge variety of different games available. Most online casinos offer at least several hundred slots, some are known for providing close to 1000 slot games. If you’ve grown tired of table games and want to try something new, slots are the way to go.

You determine the speed of the game

One of the greatest disadvantages of traditional table games such as roulette or poker is the game speed. Often you might find yourself in a position where you’d like the round to go a bit slower or a bit faster, but there’s little you can do to affect it as you need to reckon with other players.
When playing online slots, there’s nothing that pushes you to spin faster or slower – you are the one who determines the speed. If you want, you can easily go and make a sandwich and then return to your computer to spin those slot wheels some more.

Jackpots, bonuses and tournaments

Though slots depend 100% on luck and can’t be swayed in your favor in any way, it’s also true that slots are one of the most rewarding casino games due to the vast variety of extra bonuses. If you want to go catch the “big fish”, you can try your hand in jackpot slots that have introduced tens of casino millionaires to the world. If you want to go for something that’s a little more in reach, you can collect casino bonuses such as free spins or participate in slot tournaments where the winners get tempting prizes. All of this makes up for the lack of any strategies or any other possibilities to tip the scales in the favor of your wallet.

It is incredibly easy

Another great perk that comes with slots is the ease of playing. There’s literally no strategy you need to know – you just need to spin the slot machine and the rest is up to chance. For that reason, online slots are undoubtedly the most popular casino games as they provide easy access to casino games while allowing to forget your daily stress and relax while spinning slot wheels.

It doesn’t break the bank

Though we must emphasize that every casino game can be addictive and they should be treated with caution, playing online slots can also be wise for your budget as the minimum stakes are very low, ranging from ten to twenty five cents. You can easily spend an hour playing with slots without spending more than ten bucks.
These 5 reasons alone are enough to give slots a try even if you’ve been sceptical. You actually might find you’ll enjoy them more than you thought!