PokerPro® is the revolutionary poker table that shuffles, deals, splits pots and generates side pots instantly. It's the fastest and most accurate dealer in the world. And PokerPro® increases poker room revenue by dealing 50-60% more hands per hour than a manual table. That means 50-60% more rake. PokerPro® also reduces your overhead by requiring fewer staff while making the player experience more enjoyable. Players can sign up for games on their own and will never again complain of a misdeal, accidentally mucked cards or incorrectly split pots. And for casino operators and poker room mangers, that means fewer disputes to worry about. For casinos with or without poker rooms, PokerPro® is the smart solution. The Electronic Shuffler has been certified by the Gaming Laboratories International as a mathematically random process with equal probability for each card. In addition to the Shuffler, PokerPro® burns a card before each round of betting. PokerPro® is available in following game profiles: Texas Hold'Em, Omaha along with single and multi-table tournaments.


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