Blackjack Pro Automated Casino Table

Blackjack Pro™ offers the traditional game of blackjack on an automated platform. With unrivaled game configurability and player interaction, this economical solution has a small footprint that fits easily on your gaming floor.

Blackjack Pro is the most advanced casino game, offered by brick and mortar casinos throughout the world. It is multilingual, and therefore suitable for international setting. It is being offered by almost all casinos in Poland, many in Germany, and even ROW countries.


  • The large center screen encourages player interaction that Blackjack players love
  • Intuitive graphics make it easy for players to follow the action
  • Game rules, limits and payouts are easily configured to meet your needs and player demand
  • Small footprint allows table to fit anywhere on your casino floor

Customize the game

  • Standard or European rules
  • Minimum and maximum bet
  • # of decks and shuffle frequency
  • Percentage Blackjack pays
  • Customize your split and double down rules
  • Insurance, cost of insurance, and payout
  • Even money and surrenders
  • Side bet pay table and betting rules

Table Dimensions

Blackjack Pro™ is offered on both an account-based table and a SAS/TITO integrated table.

* Pay table 1 of 3

Lucky Ladies™ is recognized as the most successful enhancement to BlackJack ever invented. Increase your hold percentage up to 10% with no decrease in hands per hour!

You easily can turn this side bet on or off on your Blackjack Pro™ game to fit your customer demand. As other side bets become available, you can customize your games accordingly.

The ProCore™ Platform

ProCore™ is the complete automated table game solution that expands on the PokerPro technology and allows multiple casino games to be run on a single, efficient, economical platform.

The versatility of the ProCore system allows operators to add new casino games as they are released and permits customization of your table games offering with the click of a button.

The hardware design leverages the most advanced technological components available, which contributes to the low cost and small footprint.