Can You Really Win Big In Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Who hasn’t dreamt of winning a 7-figure sum after a small bet? There’s a good reason why people buy lottery tickets every week or bet enormous amounts of money in online casinos. The reason is this: most of us wish to land a huge jackpot and become millionaires, not having to worry about finances ever again.

Now that we have online slot machines so easily available and the stories about huge wins tempt our senses, it’s more likely than ever to actually make that dream come true. But the question still remains: is it legitimately even possible to really hit a big jackpot while playing in a casino?

The key to winning: progressive slots

In 2013, one lucky Finnish guy won over 17 million euros after betting just 25 cents on Mega Fortune slot. 2 years later a British soldier took home a similar sum while playing Mega Moolah progressive slot. Tens of people have won millions of dollars and thousands of people have won a 5- or 6-figure sum.

The point? It’s definitely possible to win. But the key to winning lies in playing the right slots. Namely, progressive slots.

Progressive slots are video slot machines where every single bet increases the big jackpot – one portion of every bet is directed towards increasing the big win. The more people bet, the bigger the jackpot gets and that’s how it’s possible to see remarkable wins from time to time.

Some progressive slot machines are linked together throughout the network, meaning that every single bet made in a certain game counts towards the jackpot, not just the bets made in one particular casino.

Though many regular slots also offer impressive wins that might even reach six figures, most are capped around that sum, so it’s simply not possible to win a life-altering amount. The same goes for many other games – though it’s theoretically also possible to win incredibly well in poker, blackjack or roulette, it’s certainly not possible to win tens of millions of dollars after betting twenty cents. That’s why progressive slots are so distinctive and are largely the best ways to win big.

Probability and payouts

It’s easy to get distracted by the flashing jackpot numbers, but while it’s entirely possible to win in online casinos, it’s definitely not a daily occurence and might not happen even within thousands of betting rounds. The reason for that: probability.

All online casino games work on the basis of random events. The symbols displayed on the screen are spun randomly, thanks to a complex algorithm called Random Number Generator. This system is responsible for generating random sequences and therefore, randomizing the whole game. Absolutely no one can predict the outcome of that system – every single spin is random, unpredictable.

This randomness means that every spin has the exact same chance of winning. Every spin could end up being the winning spin or opposite – might not bring a win at all. Therefore, all online slot games, including progressive ones, are 100% luck-based.

All slot machines have also a certain theoretical payout percentage which is based on the probability of having winning combinations lining up on the reels. For example, a theoretical 95% RTP (return-to-player) means that the player can hope to receive around 95% of the money back through winnings. The higher the RTP, the higher the chances to win in a progressive slot too since the machine’s winning probability is higher.

Usually, progressive games have a lower payout rate than an average slot game, especially since more players are spinning the reels and therefore, more players are rushing towards the jackpot.

Nevertheless, one thing remains the same: every spin can bring the jackpot, but it’s entirely possible to receive no wins even within tens of betting rounds. So, is it possible to win big? Absolutely, no doubt about it. However, keep in mind that slots are random and nothing is guaranteed. Play safely and reasonably – slots are created solely for entertainment purpose.

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  1. One thing that you have to keep in mind is jackpot slots have way bigger variance than any other slot machines. You need to have enough bankroll to truly enjoy it. Otherwise you might just loose way quicker than you initiall thought.

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