Most Common Casino Myths

The word “casino” itself sparks a controversial argument as casinos have always been related to something “wrong” or shameful. Perhaps that’s why there are so many myths about casinos, even though there’s little to no truth behind those myths. Here are just a few of common casino myths that even you might have heard (or believed) before.

  1. Myth: Casinos pump more oxygen to the gaming floor as to confuse players and make them bet more
    Truth: pumping any chemical compounds to the casino floor is illegal and there are no casinos doing something like that.
  2. Myth: If the slot machine hasn’t brought a win for a long time, I can surely win with the next turn
    Truth: contrary to a common belief, there are no such things as hot or cold machines. Casino games work on the basis of random number generators and the winning or losing strikes are completely random.
  3. Myth: Land-based casinos control the roulette wheels with magnets
    Truth: many players believe the house is controlling the roulette wheels with magnets as to control where the ball lands and avoid big payouts. However, roulette machines are completely mechanical and the spin itself is so random that there’s no way a dealer could influence the outcome.
  4. Myth: Online casinos don’t pay out winnings
    Truth: playing online is very different but as long as you’re playing in a legitimate casino, there’s nothing you need to worry about. Licensed online casinos always pay out all your winnings.
  5. Myth: Online casinos are not as honest as land-based casinos
    Truth: somehow, people still don’t trust the internet world. But the truth is, playing in an online casino is as safe as playing in a land-based casino. Online casino games are run by random number generators and most online casinos are watched over by various high authorities, so there’s no reason for you to consider online casinos in any way less honest than land-based ones.
  6. Myth: Casino shows you “close enough” combinations on purpose
    Truth: as mentioned before, all online casino games function thanks to random number generators. You might feel like you are only seeing combinations that are almost winning and the machine is rigged that way, but the truth is: you are just paying more attention to combinations that get close to a win while you don’t pay that much attention to other random combinations. That’s why you might feel as if the machine is rigged.

All in all, playing in online casinos can be fun and entertaining. Don’t be fooled by myths as they are nothing but that – silly myths.

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