5 Commonly Asked Questions About Online Casinos

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Though online casinos have become increasingly more popular, many fans of land-based casinos are still baffled by the opportunity to access some of their beloved casino games through the Internet. Even more, many casino games are now available via smartphones.

As online casinos are still somewhat “unknown territory”, we are answering 5 questions many casino-goers might have in their mind when it comes to gambling online.

Are online casinos safe?

Whenever you’re dealing with money and Internet, there’s always a certain risk since even the most reliable casinos can fall in the wrath of scammers and hackers. However, online casinos are, in fact, completely safe. Since the casinos handle transactions, their safety measures can be compared to the ones of online banking systems and therefore, the chance of a hacker getting to your money and your account is extremely low.

As always, you should protect your account with a strong password and of course, make sure you are playing in a legitimate, registered online casinos.

Is it hard to win money in an online casino?

Gambling, in its nature, is all about luck and it’s possible to win or lose. However, certain casino games are more favorable for those who want to use some strategies: for example, sports betting is known for being one of the most analytical gambling types.

When it comes to completely luck-based games like slots or lottery, there’s still a chance to win money. If you’re lucky, you can walk out with a nice cash load! So to answer the question – no, it’s not hard and it’s possible, but it’s all up to the chance.

Are casino bonuses worth using?

Most online casinos offer some sort of bonuses, whether those are welcome offers, free spins or something else. Bonuses enable the players to try casino games a bit more risk-free as players can gamble with bonus money, instead of risking with their own.

Bonuses are subject to various terms and conditions which might seem harsh but they’re there to protect the players and the casino alike. If you are given a bonus, feel free to use it as it gives you a great chance to learn what the casino is all about!

Are online casinos cheating their players?

As long as you’re opting for a legitimate casino that’s registered and has high-reputation, you needn’t worry about being swindled. Casinos always have a house edge – that’s completely normal since without the house edge, the casino wouldn’t earn anything and simply couldn’t provide you all of the games. House edge is not there to cheat players and all casino games run on random number generators which ensure safety and honesty of the games.

Are deposits and withdrawals safe?

Same as with previous answers: as long as you choose a trustworthy casino, your money is safe and you’ll receive your winnings as you could have hoped for. Before making a deposit, make sure the gambling site is legitimate and has great reviews online. If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry about your money!

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  1. Does anyone know if it matters which casino I choose. Meaning, are some of them “luckier” than others. Is there listing where RTP is per casino, or is it always per game?

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