Are Mobile Casinos Right for You or Should You Stick to Desktop Version?

First there were computers that mesmerized the world. Then came laptops that blew people’s minds with the opportunity to carry their computer with them at all times. Nowadays though almost everything is shifting from laptop to your pocket via mobile sites. Online casinos are no different and within just a few years most casinos have been forced to make their way into smart phones. If you are a true casino enthusiast, you might have already encountered a few online casino apps or responsive versions, but if not, this article will give you a quick overview on the main pros and cons of gambling via your smartphone.

Advantages of mobile casinos

  • Casino games are available literally at any time and from anywhere. Whether you are waiting at the bus stop or standing in the grocery line, within a matter of seconds you can make a few dice rolls or spin a slot machine. This level of convenience can’t be compared to land based casinos that are either not as easily accessible or simply have strict dress codes and other requirements that might leave you in an uncomfortable situation.
  • Due to the popularity of mobile versions, many casinos have started to give out various bonuses that are meant exclusively for the mobile version. Surely one reason behind such generosity is to attract new users but if you are already an active player, such bonuses are only a good news.
  • Mobile apps and responsive versions are simply a lot faster than their desktop counterparts. Every element of the mobile casino is designed with the intention of providing stellar user experience, hence the apps tend to be more simple and less cluttered.

Disadvantages of mobile casinos

  • You are limited to your small screen. Even if you are playing via tablet, the screen is considerably smaller and might limit your gaming experience massively. Though it comes down to your personal preference, it might ruin the experience a bit and make it more troublesome to enjoy the same games you love when playing via desktop version. If you are handy with smartphone and not used to laptops so much, this of course will not be a trouble for you.
  • Game selection is rather limited. Not all games can be optimized for mobile and there’s nothing the casino can do as it’s up to the developer. If your favourite online casino provides hundreds of slots at their full version, then you might find only a hundred at the mobile version. Again, this might not be a huge obstacle but it’s something you should consider so you could avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Security might be an issue. Smartphones can be a little more vulnerable to malware than PC’s and when you add money to this mix, you’ll get a dangerously tempting outcome that might motivate hackers to attack mobile casino apps. This shouldn’t be an issue if you choose a well-known and respected casino that has developed their mobile version to near perfection.

As you see there are plenty of factors that you should consider. Think of it from your personal perspective and you’ll surely find the best platform for playing your favourite casino games.

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  1. I don’t usually comment anywhere, but this time I have to make an exception. If you’re looking for additional income, casinos are not the wisest option. It is rare that someone wins long-term. Short term, you might win or loose.

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