Electronic Casino TableThe ProCore™ platform deals live table games while maximizing the potential of your casino floor and exceeding the expectations of your players.

ProCore™ is a server-based, multi-player platform that allows games and limits to be changed at the touch of a button. It is just like an online casino inside your real-life casino! This account-based system provides all the tools necessary to manage your table game business flawlessly. With extensive reporting, you gain unprecedented visibility to game, player and financial information. The platform offers speed, security and flexibility, unparalleled by any other product in the industry today. Combine with Blackjack Pro for maximum entertainment.


  • The large center screen encourages player interaction that table game players love
  • Intuitive graphics make it easy for players to follow the action
  • Game rules, limits and payouts are easily configured to meet your needs and player demand
  • Small footprint allows table to fit anywhere on your gaming floor
  • Game customization is easy and flexible

Casino Games Offered

  • Standard or European rules
  • Minimum and maximum bet
  • Number of decks and shuffle frequency
  • Split and double down rules
  • Insurance, cost of insurance, and payout
  • Even money and surrenders
  • No commission errors, accelerated game play
  • EZ Trak™ integrated display tracks all hands for customers
  • Over 500 EZ Baccarat table games in play

Side Bets

Competitor Casino GameLucky Ladies is one of the most popular blackjack side bets in the world. It increases hold percentage with no decrease in hands per hour.

Two proposition bets that incrase excitement and drive additional revenue:

  • Dragon 7™ has a house edge of 7.6%
  • Panda 8™ has a house edge of 10.2%

Table Dimensions

The 6-seated ProCore™ has dimensions of 54″x84″x39″. However furntiture can be custom built to fit your casino table game offering.