The Reason Why You Can Never Outsmart Slot Machines

We’ve all seen how slot machines or bingo work – a bunch of symbols or balls roll around until they land and reveal either a win or a loss. Many players feel though as if slot games are rigged or they could be outsmarted some way. The reasons why this is not possible lies in a little technology called RNG.

What is RNG?

RNG means Random Number Generator which already hints its purpose. RNG is essentially a complex algorithm that generates random numbers and sequences. Similar algorithms are used not only in online casinos but also in video games, password makers etc.

RNG’s job is simple: to make sure the same result never happens again or at least doesn’t happen very often. What’s remarkable is that the mechanism is working constantly, even when the game is not active. The reason for that is to avoid players from stumbling on any “patterns”. The mechanism simply keeps rolling 24/7, generating random sequences nonstop.

The actual “randomness” of RNG

Now when we say that RNG generates random numbers and sequences, that’s not one hundred percent accurate. Why so? Because RNG has certain limits of values it can produce. Some RNGs may be capable of producing millions of sequences at any given moment, so for the player, it indeed seems random and it’s impossible for the player to predict the next possible outcome, but in its essence, random number generator is limited and can’t produce an endless amount of results.

How does RNG affect your gambling experience?

Random number generators affect anything that’s happening in an online casino. Whether it’s roulette, slot machines or anything else – these are all based on RNG.
However, RNG doesn’t affect your gambling experience in any way. In most, what it does is that it helps you to understand the concept of luck-based games better. RNGs are responsible for making sure that the casino itself is not swindled. Even the casino’s staff couldn’t say how the games turn out since no one knows it.

When choosing an online casino, try to find some information about RNGs on their website. If the gambling site is proudly presenting information about the ways how their RNGs have been tested, you can be sure the site is more trustworthy than those who don’t showcase any such information. As you see, RNGs might help you make better gambling decisions.

One thought on “The Reason Why You Can Never Outsmart Slot Machines

  1. I disagree with you. You most certainly can influence the outcome of a game. Perhaps not slot machine, but video poker. Also, practically all table games, you are able to considerably influence the outcome by having an optimal strategy.

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